Holiday!…Celebrate! (not!)

Here we are again, a school holiday, a change of routine, an extra person in the house to interact with. Oh what tangled webs can be weaved and misunderstood and used to wrap one self up in. Every holiday is the same, the first three days are the hardest, the middle days theres a relapse and then comes the regret at the end. So basically all holidays are difficult. We try to do stuff but everything is so expensive and money is tight so everything becomes unjustifiable and difficult and he hates other people anyway and everywhere is full of them at the moment because its Easter, so we end up stuck in, circling each other, bored and cranky. Im currently in a malaise, I have no energy, no drive, no enthusiasm, no patience. This is a bad state of mind to be in if you’re caring for someone with Aspergers and ADHD because he picks up on the negative emotion and mirrors it back ten fold, but I am depressed, there I said it. I am depressed, and tired, and anxious. Therefore so is he…. Around around around we go……..


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