Red Zone: number 4,327,908,890.01

He came back from the walk, no calmer than before he went, but at least he came back.

He then turns and picks on me, this is standard behaviour for him, he is angry all morning, holds it in until mid afternoon then lets it out in my direction.

He’s angry at me for arranging the night out that I have now cancelled, angry that I have made it his fault again, angry that yesterday I told him that maybe saying you’re suffering make you suffer, angry that I don’t give him support, that I should go out on my own because he obviously spoils my life, angry that I love him. He doesn’t get that I understand, that I know what he’s going through, that I don’t blame him. He thinks he’s getting worse, that he’s losing his mind completely, that our house is a prison, that life is a prison… This is so upsetting … I don’t know what to do?


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