Parental Disentitlement..

His parents are arse-holes. Recently his Mother has made up some lie and told his father so that she can make a drama and blame it on him absolving her other son of any wrong doing (he is also a shit), making out that he has lied, again! This is what she does, this is how his whole life has been, he is the only person I know that physically cannot lie, it gives him physical and emotional distress if he has to lie so he doesn’t do it, can’t do it, will avoid situations if they involve lying or are based on lies.  And yet his family always make out that he is the liar when it is them that make it look that way, he has to take the blame for it because they know that he cannot stick up for himself without it becoming an situation in which my husband becomes so angry he can get the blame for being unreasonable. Its a twisted sick game for them, an opportunity to use him as a scapegoat for everything that wrong in their family, the Fathers infidelity thats not spoken of, the mothers abandonment of her sons thats not spoken of, the brotherly love that is not there, the abuse which is quickly dismissed and made out to be fabricated, the whole flaming family unit is rotten, rotten, rotten. He has tried to cut them out of his life so many times but they have a sick hold over him that makes him feel incredibly guilty, they are the source of all his depression, all his anger, all his guilt. And they have moved up the road from us just to make sure that he knows he’s not off the hook yet….

The sad thing is that his parents are destroying the relationship he has with the family he actually likes, thats him, me & our son. Its destroying us, him, and they don’t have a care in the world about it. He’s not been able to see them since this last episode of blaming last January, they don’t even ask how he is anymore, they’ve dismissed him but don’t miss an opportunity to bad mouth him to family and friends as often as possible.

The sad & sick  thing is they don’t care how he is, how he’s coping, how he feels but they dominate his thoughts……..constantly.


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