My husband is a prisoner,

a prisoner in our home,

a prisoner in his head,

a prisoner in our relationship,

a prisoner in his family,

a prisoner in life.

He wants so much to be free but the longer he’s a prisoner the less able to reach freedom he is.


4 thoughts on “Prisoner…

    1. Please do not fret, my husband has Aspergers & ADHD. I am just venting. Its been a tough week. I am fully aware of the condition & we have coping strategies, when hes not red zoning hes lovely. He does not hurt me. But its upsetting seeing him being unable to control or understand emotions. It is ominous, its a hard thing to watch someone who is so scared of society he no longer wants to leave the house, the bedroom. You never know what is going to happen, but then again we never do do we.

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