Its a fibroid cyst!!

I am reprieved, I am relieved, I am allowed to continue, for now.

I am still black & blue but Im mindful of the other women in the clinic the same day as me and wondering how many of them have had the same good news as I and how many of them have had their lives and bodies changed forever. I have been lucky, this time, I will still have to go back to make sure the cysts havent changed but this time theyre happy that theyre going to behave,    many will have to go through hours of treatment, my thoughts are with these ladies. 

It does mean though that my husband has reverted to his normal state of mind and instead of being calmly focused is now back to the normal Aspergers anxiety & depression of day to day life and not being able to cope. For 2 weeks, the 2 weeks I have worried the most he has been normal. So is the condition.


I would advise any everyone to check their breasts for abnormalities lump & bumps & dimples, for more advice go here..Cancer research UK.