In laws…

I avoid my in laws as much as possible, which has been hindered by them moving 6 miles away having previously been 73miles & before that 226miles away. Today I bumped into them in the supermarket where they just wanted to talk about my father in laws forthcoming hernia operation. There’s is no comfort, concern or support towards me there’s just dismissivness & a lack of emotion. They make me feel like I don’t matter, that they don’t care,  my husband says this is how they were to him growing up, how they dismissed all his cries for help & need for support. How they made, make, him feel unloved, unworthy, misunderstood, well not even given the attention to be misunderstood. They’re just selfish.

My mother in law did eventually ask me if I’ve heard anything yet, my fatherinlaw piped in with ” you should have just come up to see me, I’d sort them out for you” at which point I recoiled in horror. He is a leacherous 78 year old that has been a philandering, unfaithful git since his teens who pretends he’s the perfect husband & she pretends she doesn’t know what he’s been up to even though she punishes him in her own way every day. You really don’t want to know what my son uncovered in his browser history on his iPad a few months ago! Let’s just say I made my son put the iPad down & wash his hands. No wonder he’s got a hernia! 


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