How does he cope?

My husband is best when my son or myself are in some sort of peril, then he focuses on us, on making us happier, less upset, getting us out of danger, away from the thing hurting us, making s feel better. Its amazing how focused he becomes, how caring, how alert. He says its because we are his World and if anything happens to us he feels it so he doesn’t want us to be in pain because it makes him feel awful.

If the recent finding happens to come back as bad news I have no doubt he will be with me every step of the way, he won’t have any emotion about it, he doesn’t get upset or excited over an event unless it involves music and it has to be good music he likes other wise he hates it. Ive already asked him to remind me that if it is bad news then Im going to dye my hair pink before I lose it to chemo and pink when it grows back as a wavy skinhead due to confused hair follicles and in between he says Ill look great in a long purple hooker wig. But this is all worst case scenario, we’re talking about it to deal with it, Ive not told my son, I won’t until I have too, until I’m sure which way the pendulum is going to swing and if its going to keep swinging. If heres one good thing about Aspergers its the focus, Im lucky my husband has chosen to focus everything on his family of three.


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