I have been referred to the breast clinic to investigate an anomaly with one of my breasts. I love my breasts, they’ve always been with me, my best asset, so of course Im hoping this is all a mistake, all just a bad dream.  I have heard them say stress manifests itself in the body eventually, Im guessing this is how.. Oh well hopefully it will just be something benign, otherwise its something gruesome. I guess I just have to wait to find out. My husband is refusing to accept anything other than everything is fine, the idea of it not being ok would be devastating for him. How would he cope without me? How would he deal with the World? How would he bring up our son? But mostly how would he live without me being here for him? He’s refusing to accept its anything other than a mild case of paranoia on my part & that everything is normal, well as normal as can be in out house. This is all worst case scenario of course, it could just be fat! If its something nasty theres treatments available, the statistics are improving every year, so this is not as bad as I keep imagining, women survive these days. Unless it is something bad and its already spread as it has when I close my eyes and the fear radiates through me, in which case Ill keep you posted otherwise Ill be starting a whole new blog to get me through…..


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