The Blue Stick of Destiny Wasn’t Lying… (Surrogate Daughter…)

Well 14 days late it arrived. I truly am in the pre stages of menopause, or premenopausal. My Mother In Law keeps telling me how great she felt on HRT and how I should go straight to the GP and get some. My heart is weeping a little for the children I never had and now never will.

On a positive note and accepting the changes and the inevitable fact that I will now never have a daughter of my own, all my 70’s well loved and cared for Sindy toys down from the attic, put them in a big brown box and posted them to a friends daughter for her 3rd birthday.

I cherished my Sindy toys and kept them to pass down to my children, but alas my son has no interest in the Sindy dolls or the Horse or kitchen set, bathroom set, bedroom set, buggy, shoes and accessories that I had kept for so long. So off they went to a little girl I looked after now and again, my surrogate daughter,  who I know will love and play with them, and who knows, maybe she’ll pass them on one day.





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